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Welcome to Flavory Food & Living - a site dedicated to fresh, vegetarian recipes. We are here to provide you with easy recipes developed from our experience in the kitchen.  Most of our cooking focuses on vegetarian food since that is what we cook at home, here in Toronto, Ontario.  When you re-produce meals as outlined in our recipes, you will find that cooking becomes a more enjoyable experience rather than a daunting chore.

Our section on meal courses is influenced by traditional South Indian/Sri Lankan home-cooked food.   They are partially a collection of recipes that have been passed on to us by family and friends.  Our aim is to get you more excited about vegetarian cooking as we have highlighted in this section. Using well-organized recipe lists along with step by step instructions, we have made to ensure you can prepare versatile vegetarian dishes from the comfort of your own home.  As you go through our pages, you will definitely fall in love with organic vegetarian cooking as much as we do.  We take pride in cooking South Asian dishes using ingredients found in North America.

Our baked goods are adapted from many different sources.  This is one of the main sections (besides the section on Breakfast) where you will find recipes that contain eggs.  While our main course is inspired by the cooking we grew up with, the baking section is more western-based.

We will continuously update our website and share our latest endeavours from our kitchen accordingly.


-- Flavory Team